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Program Highlights

Project Based 
   STEM Based
   Mixed Age             Classroom
Handwriting Without                    Tears  
Age Appropriate
      Yoga Exercises
Activity Based Learning

Learning by doing, observation and through active involvement improves the focus of a child on the activity at hand and helps them involve in purposeful play which was their choice in the first place. An activity-based hands on learning approach helps children engage in an activity of their choice, observe outcomes and learn as they experiment playfully.

Individualized Curriculum Approach

The “Individualized Curriculum Approach” helps the facilitator to keep track of every child’s development in their own unique way based on individual interest, readiness, aptitude and participation. Activities are open ended and encourage children to make choices.  Incorporating learning centers provides a stimulating environment with choices and helps children develop skills in literacy, cognitive, fine and gross motor. Children develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

Mixed Ages

Our unique program provides an environment that fosters interaction with children of mixed ages starting 12 months (Toddlers) through Pre-K (5 years). The benefits of having children of mixed ages work together cooperatively and learn from each other helps them develop confidence, empathy, social and communication skills. The benefits of a play-based philosophy offered in a mixed age group when combined with an “Individualized Curriculum Approach” provides the best of successful educational philosophies; Montessori, Traditional and the Play Based approaches

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